Friday, January 18, 2013


Well my laptop has just come home after a few days of psychotherapy. It seemed to be having a breakdown that I could only describe as completely crazy. It was doing all kinds of things on it's own and not even letting me stay logged in to anything. So off it went to the compter doctor and now seems to be feeling better. Good thing too because I was about ready to throw it out the window. So hopefully in a few days I will be posting some new finished knit and crochet projects. Thanks go out to my computer geeks who did a great job.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Computer Misery

Ok, so I have had computer issues for several weeks. Now they are going nuts. The monitor went out on the PC so we need a new one. I switched to the laptop and now am having so much trouble on it that I am amazed I am even able to type this. All that is to say I have all kinds of new things to show in the yarn area of my life and they are all on hold. I'll be back once all the computer gremlins are gone.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Thank goodness. 2012 was a very rough year. There were some good spots too but I am looking forward to 2013. 13 needs to become a lucky number. I really hate resolutions. They are just decisions we make that all of us usually end up not keeping. There is enough disappointment in life why add things we will probably end up not following through. So I decided around the first of December I was going to keep, for lack of a better word, a Happy Book. I decided that nothing negative, traumatic or angry could be written in this book. So it is not a journal of daily events or situations. It is going to be only a good thought, verse, poem, or maybe a fun event that occurs on that day. So we will see how this goes and next January 1 hopefully I will have something to read that will say hey that was a good year.