Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Matthew (Uncle Daisey) came through his surgery with flying colors. Hopefully he will gain some weight back, be eating steak every night, and be vacation cruising again very soon with our lovely Corteney. Love ya'll.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Love in the Dust

While getting ready for the move I was not too worried about dusting etc. I just needed to get things boxed up. One day I walked into the bedroom and glanced down at the DVD player. This is what I saw.
I was so touched by this little note Jo had written in the dust I took a picture because of course it would soon disappear. A few days later Jo came in and asked me if I had seen it. I told her yes and I had taken a picture of it because it meant so much to me. I love you too Jo.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What the !!!!?????

Seriously!! Yesterday I decided to get gas since you never know what is going to happen at the pumps. I paid $3.39 which I considered to be unbelievable good. I was in shock. Knowing that you never actually know what the doofuses in the oil industry or government are going to do next you keep you tank as full as you can and get gas as cheap as you can get it. I know that here in Texas it is not as high as in some other states but it is all relative to your own finances. I filled up and headed home feeling pretty good. Today I had to run to Wal-Mart for something I forgot yesterday. It is less than 5 minutes away and I had another stop so I did not feel I was wasting my gas. I pulled into the parking lot and nearly lost control of my car. Gas was now... wait for it.... sit down... $3.59!! Now I was in shock. Why? Because it went up 20 cents in 15 hours. Not up a nickle or a dime but TWENTY CENTS!! Why? What is this? I remember living through the gas issues in 1973 and the lines at the gas stations and people running out of gas. We were mad at that and the cost was $1.39! I could go off in a real rant about this but will refrain because it would do not good but seriously you oil companies, foreign providers, and US government representatives and talking heads, this affects real people with real lives. As far as I am concerned vote all the bums out! Drill baby drill!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Move is Finished!

We got moved into our new digs last Sunday and I spent the whole week finding places for stuff, washing all things that had been stored for six months, deciding what I wanted where and actually thinking there was some stuff that needed to leave the building. JE is this one of those run on sentences I am so famous for? So hopefully things will be calm this week. In the last almost year I have found I am becoming a much more minimalist person. I think it is because I just do not want to store anything anymore, with the exception of pictures, yarn and books. For sure I do not want to clean anymore than I have to. If I am not going to use it, then it needs to go. I did go buy a new crockpot and toaster after having sold mine in the garage sale last summer. Seriously they were very ancient. The crockpot was bought in '91 and had cracked handles. I am using the Corelle dishes we bought in '76. I sold my other dishes in the garage sale too. But I like the Corelle and they still work so there you go. Coach is in the middle of his chemo treatments so he is dealing with a little more tiredness and just overall yuck feeling. But it is all progress. My RA is starting to scream at me after all this boxing and lifting and sorting. But the house looks great. So now is the time to calm a little. I have knit 65 hats for Knit A Cap so far this year. Thanks and appreciation go out to my wonderful kids. Allison and TJ for helping us out for the last six months in ways too numerous to mention, but a roof, storage, and muscles all come to mind. We could not have packed up in August if you had not been there. Ya'll went above the call of duty. Matthew for helping especially when his dad could not work. I won't forget it. Joseph for his strong muscles in all the moving, twice in the last six months, the second time with stairs included. I could say maybe things could get back to normal but that is not what I want. What I would like now is a new. Yeah, that is the sentence, a new. So we will see how the year goes. Two people I did not include above get special mention here. Jo and Scout. I couldn't have done without your hugs, kisses, pictures, storytime, playtime, and absolutely hilarious antics to entertain me the last few months. Love you all.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Random January...oops Make That February

No I have not fallen off the face of the Earth. Somehow it got to be February and I have not written a thing anywhere. We have been dealing with lots of family illnesses in various forms. Some minor, some very, very serious. Plus I am again packing to move. We have found a place in Corinth and plan on being all moved by the 18th of February. I guess fortunately we did not unpack a lot of the stuff before so it is still in boxes. Of course my books and yarn are now seeing the inside of boxes again after having a few months of freedom. They should like their new home with shelves of their very own. I have done some knitting. One of the receptionists at our doctor's office just had a baby girl. I did her two hats. By the way, why is it 75 degrees in February and last year the same time it was 14 degrees?