Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finally Finished

A lot has gone on in my life in the last two and a half years. In the yarn area I tend to put stuff for me aside to knit or crochet for other people. I decided I had to finish some of my socks that have just been sitting around. I have I think four pair in which either one sock was finished or half a leg  was worked, or maybe the toe needed finishing on the first sock to start the second. I love knitting socks. I love size 2.5mm double pointed needles. I love sock yarn. Evidence of that is in the last post. So I have little sacks of socks I have decided I need to try and get finished.

The yarn is On-Line SuperSocke 100/Afrika #990. I bought it at Shabby Sheep in Dallas several years ago. I like my stripes to match but if you look at the toes somehow they came out a little different.

I love the colors. I have no idea when I started on these socks. It was at least two and a half years ago.
I am excited to finish these up and now have pulled the next pair out of "storage" to finish. The temperature says it is 98 and I am in permanent flip flop mode, but soon hopefully we will start to have some nice days and I can't wait for that cold weather to come so I can enjoy another new pair of socks.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Yarn

This is some yarn I received in the mail today. It is Opal sock yarn and is called Monarch. I saw this yarn on one of Square Grannie's posts last week. After I saw Square Grannie's project ( I said I have to have that yarn. Well, Square Granny had gotten it a couple of years ago and after checking with my favorite yarn shop (The Shabby Sheep in Dallas) I found out it was a discontinued color. So sad. But sweet daughter Allison found it on an Etsy site and I ordered it immediately. I won't say what I am going to make with it but I have a Halloween loving grand-daughter so I am sure something great is going to happen with it.

This is a picture of Square Grannie's project. I posted it here so you could see the wonderful color pattern. Thanks to Square Grannie for letting me post it here. By the way if you have not checked out her blog she has some pretty wonderful stuff on it. Check it out.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

American Girls Galore

Today we went to the American Girl Doll store in Dallas. This was one of those things we wanted to do before school started.

Jo and Saige, doll of the year.
This is a just like me doll. She looks like Jo right down to the cute little freckles on her nose.
Scout was moving fast through the dolls.
Scout and Saige.
Jo and Marie Grace.
This was a fun outing. I am sorry my pictures did not turn out as well as I expected but we had a great time. It was literally a doll city.


Some projects I am working on.