Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Fun

Had the chance to see the grandboys this weekend. Here are Jaxson & Ryan are at a birthday party for one of their cousins. Their cousin Dylan had his back to the camera. Little brother Drew was entertaining one of the other cousins. The kids seemed to have a good time. It was hot but not as bad as down here. The kids climbed up on the fort and slid down the slide into a kiddie swimming pool to stay cool. I got in some good grandma kisses & hugs.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Matthew!

Today is Matthew's birthday. What a cutie. There is Allison the protecting sister as he has his first trip to Galveston. He wanted to crawl all along the beach. Matthew has always been a dapper dresser as can be seen from these pictures. Love the hands on his hips as if saying, yeah I know I am cute. What are we doing next? Ever the adventurer he had to skydive on his 18th birthday. If he could get someone to go with him he would do it again. Matthew and Joseph at the gun range. Jo with her Uncle Daisey on his motorcycle. Lastly is Matthew and Corteney on their trip to Alaska where they got engaged. Only nineteen days till the wedding. Love ya bunches kiddo. Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Allison!

Today is my sweet baby girl's birthday. My how time flies and how things change. Yes, I think Scout looks like her Mom. With Jonathan at Easter. Allison sitting in Pop's chair eating straight out of the Cool Whip carton. She still likes to do this or better yet squirting whip cream straight out of the can into her mouth (ha ha). With Matthew at Granny's. She always took care of the younger boys. With Joseph. She thought I had him just for her to have as a baby doll. She carried him everywhere. The picture of her with TJ is one of my favorites. She is a great wife and Mom and a lot of fun to be with. Love you sister baby dear. Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Glasses Case

I need sunglasses. The glare of the sun just kills my eyes especially when driving. Last spring when I got my new prescription I was unable to also get prescription sunglasses. I have had them for a very long time, but well, I couldn't get them this time. It has been awful. I had grumbled to Allison that I just had to find something. This last week we were at Wal-Mart (oh joy) and we looked at what was available. Because I got rimless glasses thinking they were cute I am unable to get the little click on sunglasses. There is no frame. Then Allison found these sunglasses that fit over your whole glasses. They slid over my glasses and are polarized. I said I had to get them because this was the first thing I had found that I could use. Plus I figured I would need them for our September trip. There are no cases I could find that would fit these things. So I decided I would just knit up a little case. I used size 5 needles and Peaches & Creme Cotton in #205 Gumdrop. I just cast on 36 stitches, knit about 40 rows, folded it over and seamed it up. Turned out cute. Oh man, I just put myself in the grandmother group for sure. I just bought glasses that fit over my glasses. I'll let you know how they work out.

The Joy of Childhood

What could be more fun than running through puddles after it rains.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Little Break in the Heat

What is this? Holy cow, it is rain! Today the girls and I went grocery shopping. It was very, very hot. They warned the heat index could reach 115 today. Yeah, we live in Texas but seriously, that is ridiculous. I was about to cook supper when all of a sudden I heard thunder. Really? In about five minutes it started raining. The picture does not do it justice. It was really pouring down. The temperature went from 105 degrees (that is not the heat index but the actual temperature) to 80 degrees. I thought with the rain it would be very humid since that is the usual feeling after rain. I stuck my head out the door and it was cool. What a nice change from the unbelievable heat we have been having.