Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2

Kitty Cat
Spider Girl
Seriously Cute!


My son and daughter in law. Seriously scary.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Knit On

So the consensus from the texts I got on my issue with the "is that a mistake" post was "you are nuts". Well only one person said that and she may be right but the texts I got said it is not a mistake it is just the yarn or the looseness of the stitch or you are just simply OCD. Perfection is not possible in this world not matter how much we might try to achieve it. This is especially true in the handwork area. So with the wisdom given to me I said ok, knit on and that is what I did last night. The more I looked at the shawl the more I said maybe it is not a real mistake and if it is, is this shawl important enough to rip out that many rows. It is not lace where a mistake truly matters. So I am now comfortable that it was just a yarn thing and when I finish I will not be able to tell where the issue was. I am not quite to the halfway point. This shawl requires more attention than many projects just because of the stitch changes but certainly it is not a high skill project. So I will knit on and we will see how it turns out.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


I have been working on the Cambridge Shawl again. It had gotten stuck back in the stash due to other pressing  projects. This is for me so of course it gets worked on when other projects are finished. Is there a mistake? I thought I saw perhaps a purl stitch where a knit stitch was supposed to be. Now I am thinking it is just a stitch that is more loose that the ones next to it. I have ripped this amount of rows out before but don't know if I can do it again. Of course if I finish the shawl and then see the mistake I won't be happy. What do you think or see?
Can you see it? Right below my thumb fourth stitch down. I've moved it loosened it and looked at it. I am just not sure. The reason is it is a sort of triangle-ish basket weave pattern of very close knit and purl stitches.
Can you see it? Is it just me and a yarn that is laying funny? I just don't know. I go back and forth.
Can you see it now? Today it is not as obvious to me as it was last night. It is not all that noticeable which made me think it was not a mistake, maybe just the yarn lay. I do like this pattern. It isn't like the alpaca lace shawl I knit that I had to rip out 8" because the mistake was very obvious. I could leave it and just not worry. After all there are no perfect projects no matter how hard we try to make them that way. Be honest, what do you think?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Project For Achy Hands

I have several projects that cannot be posted because then the person they are intended for might get a sneak preview. So here is one little thing I am whipping up. I did this one yesterday and should finish the second today. Lately my RA/OA has been giving me fits. I decided I needed  "mini" wrist warmers. When that ache comes on I could just slip it on for a bit and then take it off when the ache subsides, well lets say lightens up a bit. I am using some Classic Elite Inca Alpaca in #1118 Brown Heather. I have had this for quite a while and heck why not use alpaca when you have an ache or a pain that has been there for years. The pattern is one I have used before I just modified it to be a shorter version. It came from Creative Knitting Magazine, March 2008.

I shortened the pattern to just below the wrist to stop where the ache stops. Then I shortened the top to come just covering the joints. Super easy pattern.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Things That Matter

I have been patiently, yeah right, waiting for Charles Krauthammer's new book to finally be released. Call me crazy but I kept thinking maybe the October 22 release date might be moved up. I kept checking everyday with that hope. I have loved Charles Krauthammer for years. I have watched him on Fox News, read his writings in the newspaper and wished for a book by him. Finally the day arrived and there it was, available for purchase. My sweet son Joseph gave me a Nook for my birthday and all he did was feed my addiction to reading. I clicked into the "store" and BAM! there it was, Things That Matter by Charles Krauthammer. I downloaded that book faster than you can say could I please have that last piece of apple pie. I read the intro and went on to the first chapter.
I love to read. I have a wide variety of styles of books and writers I enjoy. The only other writer that I wait on pins and needles for their new book is mystery writer Dana Stabenow. She is wonderful. I have a feeling that this new book by CK, I like to think he and I are on a first name basis, is going to fall into the category of me restricting myself to a certain amount of pages per day or I will have the book finished by this Friday. That is the tell of a good book, you can't stop reading. It is kind of like knitting. You say to yourself just one more row and I will put this down. With a book it is just one more page and I will put it down. So today if no one hears from me I am still here. I am just too busy reading to answer the phone or check the email and Facebook will just have to wait till tomorrow or maybe next week.  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Knit and Crochet

Am working busily on some Christmas and birthday things but recently made some other stuff too. First Allison's hygienist is having a baby soon so she wanted a little hat to give her. This little thing was knit up one afternoon.

Then I decided I needed a tissue holder for the bathroom. Of course it had to be in Flamingo Pink.

Do I dare show the actual bathroom?
Oh why not. People have shown far worse things on the internet before, haha. The towels came from Jane Ellen because I love flamingos. That kind of morfed into the whole bathroom being accented in pink. There is even a flamingo shower curtain but that picture is for another day.

Monday, October 7, 2013


I finally finished the first sock I had been having issues with. And...I had issues right down to the very end. I always try on my socks when I reach the point of narrowing down the toe. I did my standard row count, tried on the sock and it was about an inch too long. I had to take out about five rows. Seriously, this is my standard sock pattern that I never have any issues with but have had nothing but problems with on this pair. After I took out the rows I tried it back on and it seemed to be where I usually stop to do the decrease. I finished it off closing the toe with Kitchener stitch and tried on the sock. Dang, I should have taken off two more rows as it seemed a little off. But the Kitchener was done, seams finished so this nightmare is finished. Well, I say that but now I have to knit the second sock. I will probably stop knitting earlier on the next one just to see if it makes any difference. The length is not so much as you might notice but being a little obsessive I like my things to come out correctly. So here is a picture of one sock. The second one has already been cast on and I hope to finish it quickly as I really don't enjoy this yarn.

Lion Brand Sock Ease #202