Sunday, October 27, 2013


I have been working on the Cambridge Shawl again. It had gotten stuck back in the stash due to other pressing  projects. This is for me so of course it gets worked on when other projects are finished. Is there a mistake? I thought I saw perhaps a purl stitch where a knit stitch was supposed to be. Now I am thinking it is just a stitch that is more loose that the ones next to it. I have ripped this amount of rows out before but don't know if I can do it again. Of course if I finish the shawl and then see the mistake I won't be happy. What do you think or see?
Can you see it? Right below my thumb fourth stitch down. I've moved it loosened it and looked at it. I am just not sure. The reason is it is a sort of triangle-ish basket weave pattern of very close knit and purl stitches.
Can you see it? Is it just me and a yarn that is laying funny? I just don't know. I go back and forth.
Can you see it now? Today it is not as obvious to me as it was last night. It is not all that noticeable which made me think it was not a mistake, maybe just the yarn lay. I do like this pattern. It isn't like the alpaca lace shawl I knit that I had to rip out 8" because the mistake was very obvious. I could leave it and just not worry. After all there are no perfect projects no matter how hard we try to make them that way. Be honest, what do you think?

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ponderthis said...

I think your NUTS! I don't see it but maybe in person it's different.