Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Knit On

So the consensus from the texts I got on my issue with the "is that a mistake" post was "you are nuts". Well only one person said that and she may be right but the texts I got said it is not a mistake it is just the yarn or the looseness of the stitch or you are just simply OCD. Perfection is not possible in this world not matter how much we might try to achieve it. This is especially true in the handwork area. So with the wisdom given to me I said ok, knit on and that is what I did last night. The more I looked at the shawl the more I said maybe it is not a real mistake and if it is, is this shawl important enough to rip out that many rows. It is not lace where a mistake truly matters. So I am now comfortable that it was just a yarn thing and when I finish I will not be able to tell where the issue was. I am not quite to the halfway point. This shawl requires more attention than many projects just because of the stitch changes but certainly it is not a high skill project. So I will knit on and we will see how it turns out.

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