Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Things That Matter

I have been patiently, yeah right, waiting for Charles Krauthammer's new book to finally be released. Call me crazy but I kept thinking maybe the October 22 release date might be moved up. I kept checking everyday with that hope. I have loved Charles Krauthammer for years. I have watched him on Fox News, read his writings in the newspaper and wished for a book by him. Finally the day arrived and there it was, available for purchase. My sweet son Joseph gave me a Nook for my birthday and all he did was feed my addiction to reading. I clicked into the "store" and BAM! there it was, Things That Matter by Charles Krauthammer. I downloaded that book faster than you can say could I please have that last piece of apple pie. I read the intro and went on to the first chapter.
I love to read. I have a wide variety of styles of books and writers I enjoy. The only other writer that I wait on pins and needles for their new book is mystery writer Dana Stabenow. She is wonderful. I have a feeling that this new book by CK, I like to think he and I are on a first name basis, is going to fall into the category of me restricting myself to a certain amount of pages per day or I will have the book finished by this Friday. That is the tell of a good book, you can't stop reading. It is kind of like knitting. You say to yourself just one more row and I will put this down. With a book it is just one more page and I will put it down. So today if no one hears from me I am still here. I am just too busy reading to answer the phone or check the email and Facebook will just have to wait till tomorrow or maybe next week.  

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