Monday, October 7, 2013


I finally finished the first sock I had been having issues with. And...I had issues right down to the very end. I always try on my socks when I reach the point of narrowing down the toe. I did my standard row count, tried on the sock and it was about an inch too long. I had to take out about five rows. Seriously, this is my standard sock pattern that I never have any issues with but have had nothing but problems with on this pair. After I took out the rows I tried it back on and it seemed to be where I usually stop to do the decrease. I finished it off closing the toe with Kitchener stitch and tried on the sock. Dang, I should have taken off two more rows as it seemed a little off. But the Kitchener was done, seams finished so this nightmare is finished. Well, I say that but now I have to knit the second sock. I will probably stop knitting earlier on the next one just to see if it makes any difference. The length is not so much as you might notice but being a little obsessive I like my things to come out correctly. So here is a picture of one sock. The second one has already been cast on and I hope to finish it quickly as I really don't enjoy this yarn.

Lion Brand Sock Ease #202

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Deborah Hamilton said...

It's a pretty sock and appears to fit perfectly. I hope you have a better time with the second one. I know it can annoying to knit with a yarn you don't really like.