Sunday, September 22, 2013

Argh, Uncooperative Socks

Two weeks ago I posted a picture with stuff I was working on. One thing was a pair of socks. Two weeks later that same sock, the very same sock is at the same working point. It is not that I haven't worked on it, I just can't make any progress. I have had to rip it out at least three if not four times, so many I have lost count. I don't remember having this much trouble with a sock in forever, maybe since I first started knitting them. So after a miscount, a dropped stitch two different times and narrowing down the heel before I had actually made the heel, guess I was trying to get to the next part of the foot fast, I am back to where I was two weeks ago. So here I go again and I am going to try to pick up the heel. Why do I keep punishing myself? Because I love knitting socks. Hopefully next post will have a picture of a finished sock.

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