Thursday, October 24, 2013

Project For Achy Hands

I have several projects that cannot be posted because then the person they are intended for might get a sneak preview. So here is one little thing I am whipping up. I did this one yesterday and should finish the second today. Lately my RA/OA has been giving me fits. I decided I needed  "mini" wrist warmers. When that ache comes on I could just slip it on for a bit and then take it off when the ache subsides, well lets say lightens up a bit. I am using some Classic Elite Inca Alpaca in #1118 Brown Heather. I have had this for quite a while and heck why not use alpaca when you have an ache or a pain that has been there for years. The pattern is one I have used before I just modified it to be a shorter version. It came from Creative Knitting Magazine, March 2008.

I shortened the pattern to just below the wrist to stop where the ache stops. Then I shortened the top to come just covering the joints. Super easy pattern.

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Deborah Hamilton said...

That's a good idea and the wrist warmer is really cute. I'm sure the alpaca feels very soothing.