Sunday, December 19, 2010


I love Nativity sets. I have collected them for many years. This year Jo helped get them out and I let her put them where and how she wanted them. I debated how I wanted to post some of them, one a day till Christmas, all at once, I could not decide. Here are a few of them. The first was given to me by my mother-in-law. Notice the sheep are "upstairs". Jo thought that was where they belonged. In the past the donkey had to be there and it was interesting to see if he stayed there or if someone removed him to the lower level.

This Nativity came from Israel. It is made of Olive wood. It was a gift in 1983 from a co-worker who happened to be Muslim and who's mother still lived in Israel. Now these type may be found in some malls. Knowing mine had no camel Matthew found one and added it to the set.

This little Nativity is special. It was rescued from a garage sale. Matthew, who we called the "garage sale king" found it for me. I think he paid twenty-five cents.

Now from the traditional Nativity's to, well the modern, perhaps bizzare to some people. This is one of my favorite Nativity's. My SIL Jane gave me this. She found it in New Mexico. Mary, Joseph, and the Angel are all red chili peppers. Baby Jesus is a green chili pepper. It makes me smile. More tomorrow.

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