Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scarves Mailed

I mailed the "Soldier Scarves" today. Well, that is what JE and I call them. A few months ago we learned about the Operation Gratitude organization. While they help send boxes of all kinds of things to deployed soldiers ( see or click on the link in my blog roll), the scarves were what caught our attention. Knitters that we are we saw the scarves as a way we could send a hug to deployed soldiers and help keep them warm. A little love sent across the miles. I started knitting and let JE know what I was doing and she also pulled yarn out of her stash. Since my son Joseph enlisted in the Army I have felt the mother's pull toward all servicemen and women even more than before. I see the uniform and want to let that soldier know that they are loved and appreciated for all they do, for their sacrifice. No one made them sign up. It was their choice. So here is the first box of hopefully many for as long as we have soldiers who need a litttle touch from home.

We always take a picture of the things we knit. We knit 28 scarves since August.

Boxed and ready to mail.

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deb aka abcsofra said...

Thank you for supporting the troups! From an Aunt with two nephews in the Marines, we all appreciate everything that everyone does to show their support.