Monday, April 2, 2012


My Mother passed away on Saturday at 93 yrs 11 mos. This picture was taken in December 2011, just three months ago. She is the one who taught me to knit. In 1974 she told me I should have something I liked to do in case I was ever ill and needed something to pass the time. My Grandma had taught me to crochet the year before but I started doing some cross stitch around this time. Little did we realize that almost 40 years later I would still be dealing with RA and need something to distract me from "things". It was in 1977 when I was expecting my first baby I told her I wanted to learn how to knit so I could make booties. She always had the best and easiest pattern for booties. Knitting at that point was not my thing. I seriously could not believe I would ever be able to master "two sticks". But she worked with me and I did. I ended upmaking booties for all my four children. Then as time went on I quit knitting and did more crocheting. When my RA went "atomic" in 2001 I ended up knitting to distract myself from the pain. Since that time I have knit a million things from the most simple dishclothes and hats to intricate lace shawls. Hundreds of kids I don't know have benefited with hats to keep them warm in the winter because of the Knit-A-Cap project. Soldiers have received knit scarves through Operation Gratitude. Even though my  Mother never knit directly for them it is because of her patiently teaching a 23 year old impatient girl to knit. So that is part of her legacy too.


abcsofra said...

I am so sorry for you loss. Your Mom indeed has left you many fond memories and many talents for you to pass onto others through your good deeds. I have this "thing" I always believed in. When someone close to me has died or passed away, I do good deeds to honor them. I truly believe that it not only brings them closer to me once again but is a tribute to who they were and what they taught me on this earth.

Deborah said...

I am so sorry about the loss of your mother. God bless you and your family.