Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another New Hat

I made my little neighbor a new hat. I am confident that someday soon  we will stop having this summer weather. We will probably go from 80 to 35 in one day. I made this pattern for Jo many years ago out of a yarn that the color was called Pom Pom. I have called the pattern the Pom Pom hat ever since even though it has no pompoms. Super easy. Cast on 56 with 11's and switch to 10's. Purl the first row.
K2,P2 for rows 2-27. Decrease rows 28-40. I have used many colors and combinations of colors.
This is knit with Joann's Sensations Sincerely yarn, #K627-Royal Blue. Very soft yarn. Pattern fits a 1-2yr old. The K2,P2 stretches to fit many sizes.

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Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment :) I'm loving the idea of an afghan with tassels like that, ooh very nice!


PS 'living the new normal', love that.