Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Cold weather finally arrived. It "snowed" at my house. Well just a dusting but still it was snow. Unfortunately I'm still having picture issues so I can't post my chairs with snow on them. Here is the good and the bad. Too hot and I feel awful, too cold and it can be tolerable or wack me out. It was 24 degrees yesterday morning. That's pretty chilly for Texas. I love that we are having cooler weather but it does tend to play havock with my joints, seems lately especially more in my back. But I refuse to let it get me down. I've gone Christmas shopping with the girls and Monday night went to Jo's Christmas program at school. As long as I am on all my meds if there is an issue usually good ole Tylenol will help. I have discovered that it has to be "Real Tylenol" not generic. Because of the meds I take I can only use Tylenol not Motrin, etc. So I am enjoying the cool weather because it is a nice change and with that still crocheting up a storm. Wish I could share pictures of projects. Once the issue is corrected there will have to be a big picture post.

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