Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hats and Flowers

Update on the soft yarn knitted hats. The Deborah Norville yarn was wonderfully soft to work with...but... I only got two hats out of the skein. This is my standard Knit-A-Cap pattern. The fact that the yarn skein was only 3 1/2 oz limited how many hats could be finished. As I also wrote before it is not cost effective for donation knitting. But the colors are wonderful so it is unfortunate I won't be using this yarn for my Knit-A-Cap hats. When I took a pix of the two hats I also included the yarn I had left, the tiny strand at the top.

Also here is a pix of the Japanese flowers I have I have finished so far. They are easy to crochet. I have an idea for them but we will see how it turns out before I comment on it.


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