Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I had a kindof big birthday this year. Not necessarily the actual activities around the birthday, which were nice, but the actual number of birthdays I have had. I got to thinking, I have been dealing with RA since I was 21 and in college. I have dealt with it in some form for 39 years. Wow. That is a long time. Also how is it that I can be the age I am and still think I am around 40? It is not mathematically possible since my oldest kid is 36. Really? But that is not the point of this post. My sweet son-in-law TJ made me a picnic table for the patio. I was totally surprised and I love it. Since we have needed rain I will try not to complain that it has been raining for three days. But I need to get the water seal put on and can't until things dry out.

The girls wanted to have a picnic so we did. But they also wanted a tablecloth, so we did that too.
Joseph and Caitlin came over and brought me a Nook. I have struggled with this new form of electronic device. I love the feel of a book in my hand and could never seem to reconcile myself to going electronic. Well, that concern has gone out the window. I am loving it.
Ok this could be bad as there are so many books. I am learning how to navigate through it but man, this is great. When I have to get my infusions it takes approximately two hours. I usually read but by the time I am finished with the infusion my eyes can be blurry. (Consequence of RA, "old" eyes and dry eyes). I read the whole time this last appointment and no blurry eyes! I am excited! I felt I did need a cover to protect the screen and found this one.
All this is to say I had a lovely birthday, for several days, and I do not understand people who say they are bored. I have so many things to do and that I want to do I can never get them all done. Now add to that a picnic on the patio with a bazillion books at my touch.

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