Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shirley Temple

As a young child watching TV in the late 50's I loved watching Shirley Temple movies. The Little Princess, Little Rebel, Bright Eyes, Heidi, Captain January she made as a child and that my grand-daughters like to watch today. She made Ft Apache and The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer and several other movies when she was a little older. These are just a few of her movies. Shirley Temple died last night at the age of 85. After retiring at the age of 21 from movies she went on to marry, raise a family and become an ambassador for the United States to  Ghana for President Ford, a state department trainer for President Reagan and as Ambassador to Czechoslovakia for President Bush 41. Someone posted this photo on Facebook today. Shirley knit.

Look at her knitting bag. I had one similar to that, a million years ago. I also looked at how she held her needles. Are those little dishcloths on the chair arm? The whole picture reminds me of being at my grandma's house. In 1961 my grandparents gave me this book.

How many times have I read the stories in that book. It was always one of my favorites. So much so that the dust cover has had to be taped and re-taped.  I have been reading some of these stories to my grand-daughters. You can see by the pictures on the cover they are the old classics that even Disney has used for movies. Thank you Shirley Temple for all the fond memories and for making movies that everyone at every age could love.

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