Sunday, March 16, 2014


I have been sidetracked. I guess that happens when you have numerous knit and crochet projects going at the same time. My I Promise You Pineapples Shawl, pattern by Justyna Kacprzak and available free on Ravelry has been laid to the side. It only needs to be blocked but I have just been too busy to do it. This is why.

I Promise You Pineapples #2. My sister Jane Ellen's birthday was the week before last and I needed to Block this shawl for her first. This pattern is so easy and fun. I am sentimental about the pineapple pattern because my grandparents made a lot of them. The only thing I wished was this shawl was a little larger. It is more like a shawlette. But I am very pleased with it and Jane Ellen was too.

The yarn is I Love This Yarn Sportweight in Ivory #20. Size J crochet hook. I am sure I will be using this pattern again. I am thinking of using worsted weight next time to experiment with size difference. I highly recommend this pattern.

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