Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Harper Lee!

Today I was on Facebook and was greeted with the fantastic post that Harper Lee has agreed to allow her wonderful book To Kill A Mockingbird to go digital.

This is one of my most favorite books. The story teaches morals and kindness in the middle of a time and in a place of high racial prejudice. I first read this book in the 8th grade. I have read it many times over. The book is wonderful, the movie with Gregory Peck and Robert Duval is a classic. So today on Harper Lee's 88th birthday she gave book lovers a gift of the availability of her only book on digital. I will add it to my digital collection but I also agree with Lee when she said she loves and prefers the classic books bound in paper.

Thank you Miss Lee. Some of us wish there had been a second book so we could see Jem, Scout and Dill as they grew up. A second book so we could learn more about Atticus and Boo. But perhaps you knew best and we can read their one story over and over and never get tired of those lessons on friendship, compassion, understanding and love and why you don't kill a mockingbird.

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