Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am knitting furiously on hats for the Knit-A-Cap collection. The shipment does not go out until September but there have been years that because of "baby" knitting I have not sent as many hats. I decided this year to try to use up all the little bits and pieces of skeins that have a tendency to get down in the bottom of the tub. Now my organized sister never has this problem. She is disciplined and uses up the four or five skeins she is using in various stripes before she starts another color. That is not me. Well until this year. I am in a cleaning out mode. Actually it started a couple of years ago. So I decided this year I would use up all the little balls of various colors and be more organized. So far it has worked pretty good. I have only had to buy four or five skeins of yarn. Since the hats go to a lot of students in the same school I try not to have ones that are exactly alike. I am excited. I have 125 hats so far and I have only a few little balls left. This hat is one that I am finishing up today. It has five different yarns. I think it looks pretty cool.

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Deborah said...

That is very cute, and those colors go together nicely.