Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Storm Clouds

This has been an unbelievable May for weather all over the US.

These are a few pictures I quickly snapped yesterday evening.

I wished they were more clear but I shot them with my cell phone.
There was wind, rain, thunder, lightning and pea-size hail.
The thunder was so loud. I grew up in south-east Illinois so I know about storms.
The only thing I can compare this thunder to in loudness would be the
Army tanks we heard firing demonstrations at my brother-in-law's retirement.
Seriously loud.
We were lucky there was no damage in our subdivision but the people in the
northern part of the city were not. They had baseball size hail.
I do have to say watching the Texas Rangers try to decide
how to get their patrons to safety from the stadium would have been amusing
if it were not such a serious situation.

Hopefully we are on the downhill side of the spring weather.
Oh, dear, hurricane season begins soon.

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