Thursday, May 24, 2012


This week while I was at The Ponderosa getting ready for Jo's graduation I got some squash. Allison's garden is starting to really get going. She has been making a ton of pickles. The island in the kitchen was covered with squash. She told me to take some, all of it  if I wanted because both the yellow and zucchine are going crazy. Well nothing is better than squash cooked in olive oil with fresh sliced onion, and black olives. Since Coach is not a fan of squash I decided to freeze a bunch of it so I can have it when he thinks he needs a potato or something. Here is this morning's work. I left four squash for Coach to grill tonight when he cooks meat for supper. They are pretty if I do say so myself. Reminds me of summers with Pop and Granny.

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