Monday, April 8, 2013

All Done

The second scrap yarn rectangular afghan is finished. I am not sure why I am "into" granny squares right now but is seems an obsession, perhaps a distraction. My hands have been having arthritis issues lately and I have found that crocheting is easier on them than knitting. So here is a pix of the afghan. It is from a 1976 pattern leaflet by Leisure Arts. Of course when using scrap yarn you do not get a definite color pattern so I just went with what I liked till the yarn ran out. One change I made from the first rectangle afghan was I added a single crochet between the double crochet clusters along the sides. I felt the first afghan was a little tight between the stitches.

I love it. In the background so can see the original rectangle granny. Also in the picture on the chair is a granny square afghan my grandma made me in 1973. I treasure it and it has not had the rough treatment that the ones I have made have had. 2nd scrap afghan is 65"x55". One thing I like about this pattern is the length. Yes I know I can do that with granny squares but remember all those tie ends I had to take care of in the Daisy Afghan? I don't enjoy sewing. The border is again Bunny Mummy's Double V Edging. I really like it. It is just enough to look pretty doesn't overwhelm the afghan.

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Jane said...

Just Beautiful! And here I am still doing single crochet on that one skein of yarn and then having to take out and start over. It is obvious who has the talent in this family. Sorry to hear your RA is acting up and it is supposed to get cold again this week! Bummer!