Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Spring!

Yes it is spring in Texas. So far we have had the typical spring rainstorms passing through. Day before yesterday we had a 79 degree day followed by a drop in temperature that night so that when we woke up the next day it was 34 degrees. Ah Texas, you gotta love her in the spring. By Saturday it should be 80 degrees. But today to my excitement I saw my first bluebonnets of the year. Yeah! They were in the grassy divider between the highway lanes. It was wonderful. Of course since I was driving I could not take a picture but I wanted to celebrate that they are now appearing. So here is a picture from two years ago. It won't be long until I am taking an updated picture just like this one.


Raymond Harris said...
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Jane said...

Becky...that is one of the sweetest photos I have ever seen. You need to enlarge for a frame if you haven't already.