Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cigar Boxes

Yesterday posted about cigar boxes. I agreed with her that as kids there were always cigar boxes around for us to be able to put to good use. I went and pulled out two of my three boxes. One is packed away with Christmas stuff in it so there is no picture of it. But here are the other two.

This box came from my neighbor many years ago. I always think of him when I use it. He was a sweet man.

It holds many of my threads, scissors and pins that I use frequently.

This one I bought for a quarter at a garage sale last spring. I thought it would be good for the grandgirls to use to store the colors they use when they are here.

 It worked perfectly.
We used to take my grandpa, who lived in Missouri, Lovera cigars when we would visit him. I think they were only available in Texas. It was kindof the same thing as when you could couldn't get Coors beer in Kentucky. Yeah, we took care of our relatives in a weird way. Wish I still had a Lovera box just because of my grandpa. I am sure there are more cigar boxes out there and some are very fun to look at. I agee with Square Grannie, just seeing them brings back memories.

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Deborah Hamilton said...

Those are really pretty boxes. I'm amazed at the artwork that is on them.