Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The verdict is in and the laptop is dead. When Uncle Daisey came in over the weekend he did all the things that needed to be done to hopefully to save the laptop. It was a lost cause. Not only could he not get it into safe mode he could not get it to stay on long enough to get it to safe mode. I appreciated his trying and he did not want me to have to buy a new laptop if it could be avoided but now all I can do is go to the Best Buy Geeks and get them to rescue the harddrive and put my stuff in a new computer. Have I ever mentioned I hate computers. They make us need them in so many ways and then they quit on us. I had always had trouble with that particular computer but now that I do not have it and have to use the old dinosaur PC I am missing it. Guess I will go computer hunting again but it won't be for a Dell.

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