Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yes, seriously. I am still here but still dealing with no laptop. So because of that I have been using the OLD computer. It leaves me in need of serious help not only in fastness but in the fact that it will not let me access/perform certain functions. Grrr. So I have not posted very much about anything, RA/OA or even my knitting projects to say nothing of grandkid pictures. I have a whole camera card of pix that I have yet to be able to download on this dinosaur of a computer. I also thought by this time, after five years, that I would be working again. Life happens and as Jo says my job is playing with her. After the "kidney" thing in December I thought I was doing better. That was until April 21st when it happened all over again. Let's just say I was not as impressed with the ER people or the meds they gave me to keep me from throwing up and eliminate the pain. They did neither. It is kindof hard to move to a CAT scan table when you are in so much pain that having a baby seems like a walk along a sandy beach with a cool wind blowing while you are sipping your beverage of choice. It was awful. So because they could not find any reason for the problem and supposed ruled out any "kidney thing" this time I had to go to the urologist. Yeah, fun. But he was a wonderful doctor and after looking at my $3000 CAT scan said, "You have no kidney problems and probably never did." Ok, what then? Well everything looked good, but of course I have "severe back issues." Everytime a doctor tells me this I just want so say, "Ya think?" What I did not know before this last scan was that my back is FAR worse than I thought. I have said for several years that it was bad but man it is BAD, severe degeneration. Well thank you osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. So I am hoping that I have no more of those painful weird episodes, knock on wood, but am going to try to be careful and guess the back exercises will have to be everyday. Hopefully soon I will be back in the swing and can post my knitting stuff I have done for the kids. Dang not feeling well is a pain in the..well..back.

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