Friday, April 30, 2010

Still Here

Yes, I am still here. Things have been hectic around here. Last week I had a relapse of the same back pain I had last fall. It resulted in another trip to the emergency room since it happened after office hours. So I have been on antibiotics and pain pills again with another doctor's appointment next week. This last weekend we had a birthday party for my Mom who turned 92. Almost all the family was there. Aunt Jane Ellen came and even Uncle Chappell. Check the Ponder This link for the Friday fun they all had, without me dangit. The grandboys had come down too. Unfortunately the day they went to The Ponderosa I was still sick and in pain and laying on the couch. Here is a picture of "us girls" that Allison took on Tuesday. I love it. I've still been knitting, and ripping out. I am working on the Multmona Shawl but am mad at it right now because after frogging three times I still am getting an incorrect stitch count. Socks are always on the needles. Can you believe tomorrow is May already!

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