Monday, June 14, 2010

Dang RA

Today is Monday. There is something about Monday that says wash the clothes, change the beds, vacume the floors. Before I "got" RA I was pretty good at cleaning the whole house in one day. You start and then go till you finish. Then you do not have it take more than one day. Dang RA. Now I have to spread things out over time and sometimes just ignore the heck out of them until I cannot stand it any longer. I mean eventually you have to vacuum the carpet when you know you have seen lint, yarn scraps, or clumps of dirt that have fallen out of shoes for...well let's say a while. Today was vacuum day. It really needed it. Since I have a Dyson, which I love, it can also be run over the wood floor in the kitchen. Ok, all I did was vacuum the bedrooms, down the hall, the living room and then the kitchen. I am exhausted. I hate it. RA tends to make you not only ache and have various levels of pain but make you really tired. I do not know how I continued to teach school right after I first found out it was RA that was causing all the trouble. Now I am just tired all the time. This is something that a lot of people do not realize. RA is systemic. It affects your whole body system. Lately my foot has been acting weird, well really down by my toes. Dang. Another place to have checked and find out why it is bugging me. So I am really tired of being tired. Dang RA.

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ponderthis said...

I have that extra spoon from Matthew's house if you need it! ♥☺