Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Shawl

First off the color is really nothing like pictured here. I was wading through my yarn stash the other day and found some yarn that had been sitting in there forever. We are talking years. I believe that yarn, if left alone, will eventually tell us what it is supposed to be. This yarn is actually a very pretty what I would call turquoise. The label called it Caribbean Sea. When I saw that I knew what it was supposed to be. Since Matthew and Corteney are getting married in September in the Virgin Islands we are taking a cruise to be at the wedding. Aunt JE said you better take a shawl as sometimes the dining rooms and shows are cool, temperature-wise. All of my shawls are more winter type. What to do? Then while I was looking for something else I came across this yarn. Now remember I am still having camera and computer issues so the colors are some different. The yarn is Brown Sheep Co Cotton Fleece in #520 Caribbean Sea. I wanted something to knit quick and decided on a drop stitch, garter stitch, yarn over pattern. Since I made it up in my head, see sometimes those voices are constructive, I tried to balance the pattern out. I only had three skeins to work with. Once I finished it I decided it needed something else. Then I remembered some yarn I had gotten in Florida about five years ago. Filatura di Crosa in "Brilla" color #9556. The blue in it matched the shawl perfectly and then it had pink, green and pale yellow that blended in very nicely. So once I have a better picture, and me actually wearing it, I will post it. I really do like it and now have a more summer weight shawl.

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I like the color in the picture!