Saturday, October 15, 2011

Party Ponchette

Back in the early summer before everything in the world started happening at once, I came across this pattern on the Caron yarn website. It is called Party Ponchette. I decided that I would make one for Jo since she was to start kindergarten this year. It is crocheted with a size I crochet hook and I used I Love This Yarn  worsted weight from Hobby Lobby. I cast on 88 stitches for  a 6-8yr size. I did it in hot yellow, Jo's favorite color and then added orange beads. It was very fast to crochet. Can you tell her favorite color is yellow?

When I finished Jo's I knew I could not give her one without giving Scout one too. So I used Vanna yarn in
blue, Scout's favorite color. I used white beads for the fringe trim. I made her's in the 2-4 yr size. As you can tell she sort of liked it but was not too thrilled with having her picture taken wearing it.

The pattern also has a 10-12 yr size. It is a very fast, easy and cute pattern. I think if you kept going you could make an adult size.

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