Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Crazy

Things have been a little Christmas crazy lately. I have been trying to finish up any Christmas knitting plus all the kiddo hat knitting for all the grandkids. Earlier I finished Scout and Jo's snowmen hats and Scout's Santa hat. I finished Drew's Christmas stocking and the only thing have left on Scout's is her name. I had made the birth hats for Drew. They were a smiggen big but he will grow into them. It is hard to knit hats for newborns since in our family the come in so many size extremes. Of course you cannot go see the grandkids with presents for the new baby and not take the others something. They love hats so I made them new ones. They were very excited and wore them all day. The next morning it was 2 degrees, yes two degrees. They only went outside for a few minutes later in the day to see their dogs and that was when it had finally gotten up to in the high twenties. I think they were getting cabin fever. I was looking at the picture of Drew in the multiblue and brown hat. In that picture he looks a lot like Scout did as a newborn. His stocking was immediately put up in front of the fireplace with all the others. This stocking pattern came from my mother-in-law and I have made many of them over the years. At the time I started doing them I did not knit (I had just begun to learn to crochet then) and all the pieces are cut out, the sequins are sewn on and then the pieces are sewn on the stocking and it is seamed together and the name added. I really do not like to sew, so this is a labor of love. If I were starting now everyone would have knitted stockings. I have a few other things to finish, hopefully they will be done by this weekend. Hopefully.

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