Saturday, December 19, 2009

Randy Has Nothing On Us

I was watching one of my favorite Christmas stories today, "Christmas Story". I love this movie, Allison hates it. I think the reason I like it is that though I am not as old as Jean Shepard I can relate to the more innocent times of Christmas when I was young. I usually spend Christmas morning watching this movie while getting the food started. Of course you can watch it for a full 24 hours if you choose to thanks to one of the cable channels. The whole reason I bring this up is I had written before that while we were visiting the all the boys after Drew was born it was 2 degrees and very cold. It actually had snowed the day before. I had this picture of Jaxson and Ryan all bundled up to go outside for about two minutes to see their dogs. We all laughed and said they looked like Randy, Ralphie's brother in the movie. Too funny.

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