Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting Better

Well, I am getting better. This is not something I want to go through again. My doctor said most women who suffer a kidney problem compare it to the pain of having a baby. I will say that at least when you have a baby the contractions fluctuate and you get a bundle of joy for all your pain. Hopefully next week I will be up and at it. Here are some pictures I liked. I was unable to go to The Ponderosa for New Year's so I missed out on the food, the fun, and the fireworks. I made Scout's Camo hat. It was just Bernat Camo yarn and the easy K2 P2 pattern. Aunt Jane Ellen made Jo's Glow Worm hat and scarf. She used Bernat Glow yarn. The purple has a small white yarn woven in to help it glow. The worm is made from white glow yarn. She got the idea after buying the white and thought it would be cute to have the hat glow in the dark. It does. Jo's second hat Aunt JE did out of homespun. You cannot see it in the picture but it has beads attached at the top. It is supposed to be very cold here for the next few days. Good thing we knit even though we live in Texas.

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