Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grand Turk

Our last stop on our cruise was in Grand Turk, BWI. Beautiful blue water and soft sand are the big draw to this island. Matthew and Corteney were planning on scuba diving so they were gone most of the time we were here. We only had around five hours to be off the ship. This was Matthew and Corteney's favorite place, other than St Thomas where they were married. It was my least favorite. As you get off the ship you have the same stores that are at every port. I mean how many time can you look at the same stuff? Plus there is no good transportation to anywhere on the island. A taxi would cost you around $80. There was a lighthouse on the opposite end of the island but we did not go there or to any other sightseeing as the cost seemed ridiculous. I thought it was funny that my shirt matched the color of the water. It was very beautiful. In that picture you can see a small boat anchored beside the ship. This was a military ship. Since Grand Turk is part of the British West Indies this ship was on guard in the dock. Let me tell you it was fully loaded with machine guns and missles. It might look small next to our ship but it could take it out of the water in nothing flat if it had to. Yes, we were "wastin' away in Margaritaville". Good Ol' Jimmy Buffett has found a home on Grand Turk. The place was crazy busy. We met Matthew and Corteney there. My children are such a bad influence on me, haha. Matthew insisted on us all having a drink. Well mine was a banana daiquiri. It was actually quite good. I only had a little as again it is not good for me, but what I had was well worth getting. After we left Margaritaville, Matthew and Corteney went swimming one last time. I plopped in a chaise lounge under the palm trees. By then it was not as hot as it had been earlier. We found it amazing how close to the ship they were able to swim. They said little fish were everywhere. This was our last stop and the next day would be an "at sea" day where all we would see was water. This trip was really a lot of fun.

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