Thursday, September 30, 2010

Attic Treasures

I have been wanting to clean out the attic for well....years. While we were gone on the wedding cruise we had a heavy rain. Not only did it knock out the computer and cable it caused a leak in the den. We had not really checked into what was going on in the ceiling. Last Saturday we had a pretty heavy rain storm. I walked out in the den, which fortunately is tile, and found water dripping from the ceiling. Fortunately it was not a gusher and towels were able to soak up the water. Shortly after that the rain ended. We called the insurance people who could not come out to check what the problem was until today. The good news is that the roof does not have to be replaced. The bad news was the problem is way under our deductable. All that means is we have to fix it ourselves or hire someone to do it. I really wanted to check the area of the leak. Knowing that I have a ton of stuff stored up there I now was going to be able to start emptying the attic. The pile of stuff was actually not too bad. I did find some interesting things, stuff I did not even realize was up there. Yes I am a book-a-holic. I have tried to pass that on to my kids. That is pretty obvious when you look at the amount of books stacked up. The school books were from a good friend of JE's who taught elementary school. The neatest thing about these books is that I read these same ones as a kid. I was hoping to find them so now the grandkids can enjoy them too. I also found my Brownie Fiesta camera that I got at Christmas in about 1965. That was a good little camera. I found baby clothes. Seriously? I thought they were all gone. These will probably go to the women's shelter. We found a ton of trophies. These included sports trophies and Awana trophies. These seriously have to be gone through and something done with them. One of the boxes I was very excited to find was full of trucks. I did not know I had any of these left. I am not sure who they belonged to but next weekend the grandboys are coming and now they will have some cool stuff to play with. I am very excited since there is maybe only a third of what we pulled down today that is left in the attic. I can't wait to see what other treasures I am going to find next.

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