Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedding in St Thomas USVI

I have so many pictures of the wedding that it is hard to choose from. So I chose a few that are lovely. We were at Megan's Bay on St Thomas. People always look at the bride as she comes down the aisle. I have found the groom to be the one to watch. I took this picture of Matthew as he saw Corteney for the first time as she came out of the palm trees. The next picture is Corteney as she walked down the sandy beach. One of my favorite pictures is of them laughing after Corteney had to reach for her tissue during the ceremony. People are so stressed before weddings wanting everything perfect. I recommend a beach wedding. Not only is it beautiful but a lot more relaxed. Walking hand in hand down the beach. What can I say. The photographer they hired had them pose under the palm tree. I love this picture. Unfortunately from my camera it is a little dark, but still beautiful. A lovely wedding.

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