Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Headboard Cover

I have a very old, antique, bed set. The bed and dresser belonged to my parents when they were first setting up house so it must be around 74 years old or so. In the 60's my mom and sister painted it going from dark to the popular thing at the time, white with gold trim. The headboard has taken the worse part of wear having been passed on to one of the kids who proceeded to put stickers on it. Oh well, it still works. But it really has been looking haggard for many years. I do not like or enjoy painting or restaining furniture. I recently found some Red Heart With Love yarn. I am not crazy about RH yarn, most of it is pretty scratchy but this stuff was super soft and a pleasure to use. The main reason I wanted it was it has very Caribbean, water, beach looking colors. Of course the name won me over. It is Beachy #0938. I measured the width of the headboard and then used Attic 24's Granny Stripe pattern ( I also used an I crochet hook. I crocheted till it fit over the headboard. Then I folded the top part down about 4" and stitched a little pocket-like enclosure so the cover would stay over the headboard. I think it goes well with the bedspread. This will do till someone volunteers to strip and repaint the bed. I am not holding my breath on that.

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Deborah Hamilton said...

You had a great idea, and it looks very pretty.