Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Fell Off The Wagon

Yes, I fell off the wagon. The not buying yarn wagon. I have successfully used up all the little balls from past projects. I big yeah to that, but the new rectangular granny afghan needed more "bigness". I rummaged through the stash and did not find yarn that I felt fit in with the previous yarn used. The exception was a small bit of I Love This Yarn in grape (300) and pink (100). I had seen some nice colors in Red Heart With Love yarn that I felt might fit in the color scheme of which there is really no real scheme. I added Mango (1252), Daffodil (1201), Boysenberry (1907) and Blue Hawaii (1803). I have used the With Love yarn before and found it to be pretty good but the Daffodil is a little rough. It is not as rough as some others but I was a little disappointed. I don't know how big this afghan will be. I will just crochet till it looks the size I want it.

 I have done something different with this afghan than I did on the original rectangle. The original pattern was from a 1976 Leisure Arts leaflet. There were no ch1's inbetween the dc groups along the side of the afghan. This made the first afghan pretty thick. I liked it but also found it made it a little less floppy for lack of a better work. This time I am using a ch1 between the double crochet clusters and we will see how much difference that makes.

This is the last of the yarn. If there is any leftover yarn once I decide the afghan is finished then I will use the little balls for stripes in hats for the Knit-A-Cap project.

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