Monday, November 10, 2008

A Very Princess Birthday

It was a very princess birthday. Jo is now three years old. It was a busy day with a hot dog lunch, a bunch of friends and relatives, tons of presents and a fantastic cake made by mom. Jo decided she wanted a castle cake at least six months ago. We have a castle cake pan by Wilton and assumed that was going to be the cake. About a month or so before her birthday Jo decided on a stand up Princess castle cake. Allison, being the fantastic mother that she is, did not bat an eye. Well, she did kindof sayhow many cakes mixes does this cake take? The answer, three, plus the gynormous cake had to be pre-cut and frozen before pre-icing to avoid crumbs in the icing. All of this plus Chef Jo who always wants to help cook and a YoYo who said she would get there early to entertain the birthday girl but had to take Uncle Daisey to the airport and ran later than she thought. Also included was the fact that Jethro the dog had somehow pulled part of the base siding off from around the house and crawled under the house getting into who knows what. Oh, yes, did I mention that Allison is also expecting my second grand-daughter in March. As you can see she is a trooper and all around good egg. The cake was beautiful as you can see and was also finished by the time I got there. Allison and TJ's house is so welcoming that no one ever wants to leave. Everyone hung around all day long and supper consisted of eating the last of the grilled hot dogs and chips. The birthday cake, well it was extremely good, very sweet and almost completely eaten. Jo got so many presents and just about everything was "princess" or what a princess might need or want. I really wanted to post the hat and scarf I made for her before but I did not want anyone to see it till that day. It really was just an accident I made it. I was "cleaning out my stash", yeah, right, and came across the fuzzy Trendsetter Dune yarn. I thought it would make a great princess scarf. Then after it was finished I realized that I had some Fushia in soft Red Heart. So I whipped up the hat with the brim being the fushia yarn and Dune held together. I then dropped the Dune and knit the rest of the hat in just the fushia. I was pleased. Aunt Jane Ellen and I make Jo so many different types of hats and she has a bunch but hey, they are fast and fun to make and always are different. Plus when some one is always saying thank you and I love it how can you not knit more? Happy Birthday Jo, I want to eat you up.

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