Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It is interesting how sometimes things happen at the same time. I love cloudy rainy days but after finally just now getting over my cold, that yes did last the two full weeks, it seems it has been raining for almost that long. It would not bother me so much but even with the wonderful meds that my rheumatologist has me on, I still get creaky. Yesterday was one of those days. Monday was beautiful, sunny and warm at 94 degrees. This morning I woke up and yes that cold front did come through, it was 61 and cloudy. So I ache and am stiff and am wondering if it is going to rain again. Fall is actually my favorite time of year. I think it is because of the break in the 100+ degree summers. But it also brings wild and weird weather that can play havok with not just my joints but with my whole system. I told my doctor I feel like I have the flu all the time. He agreed that was a good assessment of what it feels like to have RA. That constant tired ache that makes everything an effort. So I thought, well today I will blog about living with RA and how it shapes everything that I do and my mental outlook. Then I got a notice that Lene Andersen had a new post on This is a great site for people to get info and/or talk to others about RA. When I read Lene's post today I thought, yes, this is exactly it. So there are three things that I wish for people to do today, well four. And if it is too much for today then please do it this week. I have links on my blog for Lene, ,RACentral, the site for , and . If you have never before read any of these sites please do today. There is not just a lot of information about RA but also autoimmune disease in general. For those of us to describe how we are "feeling" it sometimes is hard and feels like it falls on deaf ears. We don't want sympathy, just understanding of how we have to work around this disease so we can live our lives in what has become our new normal.

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