Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yes, sewing. I do not really like to sew but last week when I started getting a cold I found this material. I was looking for some cotton yarn and ran a cross the red and green elephant fabric. I had gotten in when Jo was small and had intended to make her a blankie. Other things got in the way and I never got anything made. I am trying to "lighten the load" of stuff that is not needed, that of course does not include stash yarn, and I decided to whip up the girls blankies. Fortunately these were all straight seams because I have been known to sew the front to the back on a shirt before. So I got the stuffing for the pillows and the flat stuffing for the blankies so they would be cushy. Jo's is the elephants on both sides and Scout's has the green backing that matches the color of the elephants. I also found this great flamingo fabric so I made a pillow for Jo to use on her "crouton", fouton, while she watches her movies. They both loved them. I took this picture of Jo right before she went to bed. It is not the best and I think she looks kind of like a princess waiting on someone to bring her something. This should be the last of the sewing, except when I have to stitch together the Christmas stockings. Yes I can sew but only when I have to.

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