Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost Needles

This week I officially lost a pair of circular needles. This has never happened before. Sometimes needles get misplaced but after a long search through projects, bags, and stash they are usually found. Not this time. I had a project I wanted to start that took size 9 needles. As I ransacked the house through closets and bags and boxes I finally found the size 9 circular needles. Well sort of. I found an empty needle package. I am pretty good about keeping things together so this was weird. Again I went through everywhere I could think that they might have gotten stashed. They were nowhere. So a trip to The Shabby Sheep had to be made to get a new pair. The yarn I am using needs to be knit on bamboo needles. I mean I must have had five pair of Addi Turbos in various lengths but they are too slippy for this yarn. When I got to Shabby Sheep I found the right size needles hanging on the wall but then a basket of needles sitting on the table caught my eye. They were HiyaHiya. I had not used them before but immediately the cost of them was a plus. They were very reasonably priced but I was unsure about trying a new brand. They felt smooth so cost won out. I got them home and cast on and I have to tell you I am in love with these needles. They are wonderfully fantastic. The bamboo is smooth and the yarn just flows over them. I highly recommend them. The project I started is not shown here because then the cat would be out of the bag so all you get to see is the new package the needles came in. Pictures of project to follow. In fact it may be finished sooner than I thought because it is just flying on these new needles.

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