Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What The Heck?

I have a question. Do hospitals, doctors and/or pharmacies sell information to shall we say pill providers? I have noticed that in the last month since my little visit to the emergency room I am getting all kinds of, shall we say, crap on my email. I mean these go to my junk mail so I don't open them but what the heck? Today was the biggest yet. Usually you get one or two of the normal kind with a few of the ones that people hate to even talk to their doctor about. But today I got seventeen, yes 17 of these kinds of email. I mean offering me great deals on all kinds of pain meds etc. So is our personal info on what kind of meds we take being splashed across the world? Now yes I may have blogged about what I had to take due to the kidney infection and perhaps I am naive about the world, well not really, but holy cow. So since all this started after my little ER trip I am wondering if perhaps hospitals sell information or if people have nothing better to do than to sculk through websites, blogs, social networks and overload people's emails with their trash. I have a longstanding pharmacy where like Cheer's everybody knows my name. I am not about to buy from some unknown person on the internet. So this is just a little rant. I know we all live basically in a society where any info can be obtained but I am hoping that one of our most sacred establishments who see us at our physical worst sometimes are not out there hawking our info for extra money. Rant finished.

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