Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Olympics

I really like the Winter Olympics. I can take or leave the Summer Olympics but the Winter Games are so much more interesting. You might find this strange when I tell you my favorite sport. I like all the ski events. I like the skating including the ice dancing. Anyone remember Torvill & Dean skating to Ravel's Bolero? I really enjoy the speed skating. Of course Apolo Ohno comes to mind especially since he just took the lead in overall medals away from Bonnie Blair. By the way was anyone else shocked to see Eric Hyden had some gray hair and Bonnie looked older? I believe that it was mentioned Eric won his big stash of medals in 1980. Is it possible it has been that long ago? But my absolute favorite sport is Curling. Yes, the game where they fling rocks across the ice toward what looks like a green and blue Target logo. Where people slide across the ice and holler at the top of their lungs to help the rock along. I am not sure when I fell for Curling. It was many, many Olympics ago. I will watch it every time it is on and since the Games are being shown on three different stations and Curling is on at a varied amount of times I am in Curling heaven. Sitting on the TV is my Olympic knitting. It is not a hard project just takes a bit of counting. Exact details will have to wait till it is finished. If you have not watched Curling give it a try. It is very cool, haha.

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