Wednesday, January 19, 2011


On my blog I have a link to "But You Don't Look Sick". The problem with a lot of autoimmune diseases, including my RA, is that if you are functioning pretty well people do not realize how really awful you feel. When you are having a flare it sometimes seems that people come out of the woodwork to give you suggestions on how you can "cure" yourself. It sometimes seems that they do not realize that you are actually paying good money to someone how is trained to help you cope with your disease. It is also not that we love pills, shots and infusions of which some are really toxic to our bodies. At this point we know that these drugs help us to live and function. And if we are lucky enough for all these meds to work well for us then maybe we can take our grandkids to the park or the train exhibit or the zoo. At this point the medical community has not found a complete cure for most of these diseases so those of us who have them have had to learn to adapt so we can live our lives. I mean it is not that we like having excruciating pain 24 hours a day, or perhaps that pain that doesn't knock us out but that is just "always there" distracting us. Today's post on But You Don't Look Sick speaks to all the well meaning people who think they are doctors but don't have an MD behind their name. It's not like they don't want to help us but as said before a little information can be a dangerous thing. Click on the link and check it out. After you read it understand that most of the time we don't think that you really are out to send us over the edge, but that you do love us and want us to feel better. The thing is it is  we have read and heard it all before. We have an autoimmune disease that is not going to be cured by giving up caffeine, exercising or not, or giving up wine. If it were that easy I would have given up chocolate a long time ago. Yeah, like that is going to happen.  The title is Sick Humor: Information Overload: "Suggestions" We'd Rather Not Hear Ever Again. After you have read it remember we love you too but the day you suggest we give up caffeine and we will get well, well it might just send us straight for the biggest cup of coffee we can find.


ponderthis said...

I have discovered the cure! EXTRA chocolate, EXTRA wine & EXTRA caffeine (Starbucks is super sizing their iced coffees) So pick 2 and call me in the morning. That will be 1 million dollars, the bill is in the mail. Ponderthis MD
Love you!

knittingyoyo said...

I am so glad you found the cure. I will be using it immediately. Do you take Visa?