Friday, February 4, 2011

Deer Chili

Since we have bunches of snow and ice and it was about 22 degrees. I decided to make chili. Originally I was going to make a stew but while browning the meat I decided on chili. My great son-in-law TJ, the deer hunter, had given me some meat from his last deer. The recipe I use comes from a book called Bowl of Red by Frank X. Tolbert. The official title of this recipe is called Pedernales Chili named after the Pedernales River here in Texas.

Browning the meat.
 Deer meat is very lean. After browning the meat I just added good ol' Rotel and the spices.

Nothing is better than Original Rotel

Cumin is one of my favorite spices. The smell is wonderful.
After all the spices have been added the chili needs to simmer. It says simmer an hour on the recipe but I just kindof go with how long I can wait to eat it.


The finished product.
The chili turned out fantastic. Just enough left over for tomorrow's lunch. 

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