Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ok, I'm Done

Seriously, I am done with this weather. Yes I have said for the last week that I love snow and I do but enough already. I am now thinking that even with all the wonderful meds I take for my RA that really RA does not like 16 degree weather with snow and ice. Last night I was thinking I have had enough. The ache-ness was starting to take over. We had gotten up to 24 degrees in the afternoon but this morning we were back to 16 again. Out comes the Tylenol. Yesterday I had promised Jo we would do our traditional McDonald's today since we were pretty much house-bound yesterday. So off we went. Jo had to say hello to Ronald. Now even though we went out to the store and the sun was warm and it is now 35 degrees let's just say I have had enough of the bone aching cold.

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